Fair Play Runner


Fair Play Runner DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A FAIR PLAY HERO? brief PalmStorm teamed up with the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) to create an endless runner game for the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games. The major educational objectives were [...]

VR Casino


VR Casino Application IMMERSIVE CASINO EXPERIENCE brief This virtual reality game simulates a full-fledged casino. Not just the game rules and the authentic environment, but a life-like croupier as well! As such, the experience is much more immersive and the player can truly feel [...]

The Apprentice


The Apprentice THE WORLD'S PREMIER OFFICE SURVIVAL RPG brief LIVE A LIFE in a magical kingdom, as you have just got your first job at Grapple – the premier magi-tech company! SURVIVE an office full of shady magicians, lazy gnomes, psycho demons, and [...]

Sokoban Next


Sokoban Next A SMART GAME FOR SMART PEOPLE! brief Sokoban Next is the puzzle game for the next generation! A twist on the classic Sokoban game: no boring 2d, but full 3d boards ands puzzles. New gameplay elements for variety: doors, locks, teleports, conveyor [...]

Aqua Csupakacsa


Aqua Csupakacsa COLLECT'EM ALL AND WIN PRIZES! brief On Aqua Csupakacsa PalmStorm was contracted to create a simple and fun action game for the client's marketing campaign. The main goal was to acquire new users and generate additional traffic to the client's webshop by [...]

Rock My Room


Rock My Room MAKE YOUR ROOM THE COOLEST IN TOWN! brief On Kinder Bueno Rock My Room, PalmStorm was contracted to leverage its cross-platform mobile development expertise in programming the whole client side of this lifestyle app. The app features highly versatile 3d technology [...]



Punish'em! Punish'Em! Don't get mad... GET EVEN! brief Don’t take $#!% from anyone anymore… PUNISH’EM! Take out your frustrations and vent your anger against people without hurting anyone! features Play with a variety of weapons with ridiculously [...]

Youda Camper


Youda Camper READY TO MANAGE YOUR OWN PIECE OF THE GREAT OUTDOORS? brief Ready to manage your own piece of the great outdoors? Create the campsite of your dreams, draw in many campers and give them the stay of their lives! Let your imagination [...]