To Switch or not to Switch

palmstorm   •   March 20, 2017

Switch it up, go hop on that bus
– The Black Eyed Peas, singing about gaming on the go

Nintendo Switch is out now, and let’s face it: it’s a small revolution.
The idea is simple: play anywhere, anyone, anyhow.

Problem is, these principles are usually connected with the impulse nature of mobile gaming.
Yet, Nintendo’s first release is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a rock hard adventure game of epic proportions.

Not your typical mobile game, that’s for sure. Yet, it works.
It is eminently playable on a crowded bus, at a boring executive meeting, or even in the serenity of a restroom.

Considering that Nintendo has made its biggest ever hardware launch in Europe, the future of Switch is a bright one indeed.
It seems that gamers really keen on fusioning dedicated living-room gaming with impulse mobile fun.

What does this mean for us, game developers? Three things actually:

1. The core audience will slowly but surely switch over to a mobile-aware platform and developers should be prepared for that.
Dedicated living room consoles will remain state-of-the-art connoisseur platforms, but the majority of gamers won’t be there.

2. Plan your technology with scalability in mind. Your game must be optimal on either a stationary platform, or a limited mobile

3. Design your game for the loo. If your game works well there, you’ll have a winner 😉

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