Sokoban Next released for PS VITA!

palmstorm news   •   July 20, 2017

We are excited to announce that Sokoban Next, the world’s greatest Sokoban game with unique features is now available on PS VITA!

Hit the European PSN Stores today!

Sokoban Next – Smart Game for Smart People!

Play the world’s favorite puzzle game on a brand new level: if you liked the original, you’ll LOVE Sokoban Next!

This is the world’s greatest Sokoban game featuring 3D puzzles with doors, locks, conveyor belts and teleports!

Help the little dragon push the eggs in the fiery nests!
Can you solve all 100 insane stages and find the grand prize hidden in the final egg?

Don’t think plain and simple!
Multi-dimensional gameplay: walk on walls, jump to the ceiling – this is the only way to solve the tricky puzzles!

Overcome obstacles!
Make smart use of doors, conveyor belts and teleports!

Don’t give up!
Use cool helpers such as undo, checkpoints and you can even view the solution!

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