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TrueBook 3D

TrueBook 3D

Bridges the gap between high-tech and tradition.

TrueBook 3D


Why change the 2000 year-old way of reading books?

PalmStorm`s TrueBook 3D technology has been designed for those people in mind who prefer reading books the traditional way. Flip pages at the flick of the finger, watch pages turning in 3D, in short: read your favorite ebook the usual way.

Nevertheless, TrueBook 3D allows exceptional customization, such as changing paper textures, altering fonts, hiding the user interface or rotating the pages. Adding outstanding book/chapter navigation and bookmarking with optional notes, TrueBook 3D bridges the gap between high-tech and tradition.


  • Realistic 3D page turning using finger flick gestures
  • Flexible chapter/book system
  • Fully customizable UI and page rendering
  • Bookmarking with custom notes
  • Automatic orientation handling
  • Fullscreen page view

TrueBook 3D technology is available for licensing.
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