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Get your daily gardening fix with Plantastic!



"Life began in the Garden." - and so the ultimate gardening fun was born!
Get your daily gardening fix with Plantastic!, even if you are on the go!
No need to dirt your hands as you take care of beautiful flowers!
Plantastic is the ultimate gardening activity for you!

Plantastic! is an addictive puzzle game for everyone who seeks a relaxing diversion. Create beautiful bouquets of flowers, deal with moles - and think smart! 

Plantastic! has been selected by mobile industry VIPs as 1st runner-up in the Best Mobile Application, Multiplayer & Connected Games, Mobile Rules 2008, Annual Business Plan, Application and Technology Innovation Competition for its unique, yet easy-to-play game mechanics and extremely addicting multiplayer capabilities.


Published by:
Astraware: Windows Mobile, Palm OS (Nov, 2007)
Nokia: J2ME single and multiplayer version (2008)
BigFish Games: PC, localized to Spanish, French, German and Japanese (May, 2008)
Handmark: Apple iPhone (2009)
Prime Games: PC, boxed retail version for German-speaking territories (2009)


  • Addictive, brain-teasing gameplay
  • Colorful, humorous graphics
  • 5 different game modes ensuring variety
  • Three difficulty levels ranging from easy to challenging
  • Unlockable secrets encouraging you to ask for more!
  • Interesting power-ups keep the gameplay full of surprises!
  • Cool music and zany sound effects
  • Built-in tutorial for first-time players
  • Keep your best scores in the Hall of Fame!

Enhanced PC version:

  • Even more fun gameplay - collect achievement Awards!
  • More hidden gags to laugh at!
  • Enhanced scoring system
  • Improved graphics at 640x480 resolution
  • Windowed and full-screen video mode support
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