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Guitar Praise

Guitar Praise

PC to Wii conversion

Guitar Praise

The task:

On Guitar Praise (Music rhythm action game) PalmStorm was contracted to leverage its cross-platform game development expertise in creating a fully playable demo proving the PC to Nintendo Wii port is feasible. The work had to be done using Torque engine as well as a custom guitar controller equipped with a built-in Wii remote controller.

Additional requirements:

Possibility of adding songs to the game via the SD slot of Wii. 
Possibility of extension for future localization. 


Resolution and outcome:

  • Complete game framework (3D rendering engine, input handling, etc)
  • Multi-channel audio streaming system (FMOD for Wii)
  • Fully customizable, data-driven menu system
  • Extensible particle effects system 
  • Seamless synchronization of audio and animation
  • Easy-to-modify, XML-based game data
  • Head-to head, split-screen multiplayer
  • Uses custom guitar controller