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So you have a great app or a game or an idea.
Now you want it to get all the love it deserves from the users.
Amplify with PalmStorm: a streamlined design here, a simplified UI there,
spiced up with a dash of gaming and presto!


Analysis: We can help you better understand your customers' behavior, play style and preferences to design more effective solutions.
Design: By using game design techniques, we can help you engage, interact, connect and communicate with your customers in new ways to get the actions you want.
Proposal: We can elaborate a development proposal and suggest a path to strengthen your engagement marketing and turn your ideas into reality.


Port feasibility: PC to Mobile, PC to console, you name it. Our cross platform experience enables us to quickly assess the porting feasibility of your project and we can pinpoint any bottlenecks early on.
Fast prototyping: Using our licensed and proprietary tools, we can create a working prototype of your idea. Seeing is believing!
Process improvement: A fresh eye might be beneficial in optimizing your production pipeline. We can give you expert advice on shortcuts, optimizations and other useful tips.


· Award Winning Game Developers
· Full Service Studio: Design - Development- QA
· Gamification Expertise
· Innovative Solutions
· User Engagement Insights
· Effective Problem Solving
· Practical Proof of Concept




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