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Fun. Applied.



Extensive Games Industry Experience

We are a privately held development and creative studio based in Budapest, Hungary. The members of our core team have been working together since the prehistoric days, and were contributors to many titles, such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, Busytown and other award winning action games and edutainment titles.

Extended Mobile Gaming Expertise

We launched PalmStorm to create games that people like playing outside the living room, on the move... Soon we gained expertise in cross-platform development crafting multiplayer games with social connectivity features. Along the way we realized the emerging demand for gaming elements in producing lifestyle, marketing and productivity apps. This matches perfectly what we encounter these days: the need of bringing fun into the world.

Top Notch Service

We've broadened our focus and started taking fun seriously. By using game design techniques we help you engage, interact, connect and communicate with your customers in new ways to get the actions you want. We believe that applying fun is the easiest way to increase natural engagement.

Csaba Soltész

László Molnár
Development Director

Zoltán Vas
Art Director

Viktor Budaházi
Development Lead

Krisztián Berecz
Level Designer & QA

Gábor Csontos
Game Programmer

Szilvia Tóth
Computer Artist

Company Watchdog


We share our Mojo with you.


So you have a great idea for a game. Or for a game conversion. Or for just the heck of it.

Here goes PalmStorm: no matter how crazy your idea is, we take it seriously. With an extra twist on top.


So you have a great idea for an app, but you do not want to develop it yourself.

Enter PalmStorm: our expert staff will develop the app just for you, the way you want. Seriously.


So you have a great app or a game or an idea. Now you want it to get all the love it deserves from the users.

Amplify with PalmStorm: a streamlined design here, a simplified UI there, spiced up with a dash of gaming and presto!


We have the expertise. Plenty of it.

We use that good ol' gamer's power-up on your idea.
We make you invincible and your app oh-so powerful.


Localize: we listen to you and your expectation, analyze your app/idea and come up with a diagnosis. Perhaps gamification? Just what the doctor ordered.
Communicate: we are not shy to pick up the phone and talk with your producer. Hey, we live in a connected world after all.
Plan: Alpha team goes here, Bravo does this, Charlie prepares that. Ready. Set. Go agile!


Design: we invite you to our think-tank. Watch out for innovation flying everywhere!
Develop: we code it, on any platform you like using marvel technologies such as Unity. Cutting edge at its best.
Feedback: we listen to your evaluation comments. Spit and polish till perfection!


On time: yup, we start by the clock, we finish by the clock.
On budget: efficiency is our middle name, y'know. Always.
Fully documented: because everyone wants a good read now and then!
Thoroughly tested: the app rolls out of the factory, and TA-DAAA it works as advertised!
Maintenance: we are reliable caretakers and we won't go south. Period.



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PalmStorm is always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic people to join the team.
Send your CV along with some reference samples to: jobs@palmstorm.com